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  We offer hosting services at a very competitive price. Over the years, we have also published some databases on the web. Here then are some of the sites we have made or that we are hosting.

42blog: site that hosts various blogs.

ADHD Blog: a blog recounting the life of a family with a child who has ADHD. Also includes comments on related current events.

Drô because sometimes, you have to make'em laugh..

Une table pour deux (blog): blog about Montreal restaurants.

Une table pour deux (english blog): blog about Montreal restaurants.

Une table pour deux (podcast): podCast about Montreal restaurants.

Les Éditions de la Noraye: book publisher for Quebec authors.

Perry Sénécal: Montreal based photographer.

L'Opium: hairdressing salon.

Sophie: a mediachick, an artiste, a writer. Wow!

Club 4D de Montréal: association of programmers using 4th Dimension.

francoPHONIE: web site for french speaking musicians/singers/composers who wish to exchange about their music.

Le Trench: local pulp like sci-fi publication.

Thierry Daigneault: a bit of a geek, a bit of a knight.

Le petit café TDAH: this site talks about a mailing list for parents of children suffering from ADD. Please note that the mailing list is in French.

L'arrière scène: drama center for children.

Qui fait Quoi: web site (with interactive content) for a popular magazine about cultural productions in Québec. the canadian culture and communications database.

Canadian Cultural Catalogue: Web site devoted to Canadian film, television and multimedia productions and those who produced them.

Microphage: other developper who specialises in 4th Dimension development. Also the creators of the excellent TRT™ accounting software.