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  Since 1991, we've had the chance to accumulate experience in various fields.

As you might have noticed if you looked at the sites we host, the Internet is very important for us. We encourage all our clients to get connected to the Internet in order to facilitate our work as much as possible. Depending on the type of connection our client have, we can send them new versions of their software or get a more hands on experience and remotly control computers which are experiencing some problems. This way, problem solving is much easier, and faster.


A few years ago, we specialised in developping applications for the Newton OS. We had many clients ask us for special programs for this wonderful little machine. But we also created a few "public" applications. Here are three of our most popular programs. You can still find them on many FTP sites, but if you can't locate them, write to us and we'll e-Mail you a copy.


List-It 2.7 is a utilitary that helps you to manage your diverse lists on your Newton. Presently, List-It offers three list formats: list with an item, list with an item and a text field and finally, list with an item, quantity and price. The price of this software is 10,00$.

Napkin Calc

Napkin Calc 1.1 finally offers you a calculator you can directly write in! (and with a very reasonnable response time). When it's time to work out a few calculations on the road, think about this useful program! Only 25,00$.


Resto 2.1 is witthout a doubt the most powerful restaurant-bill separator in the world! Its possibilities have surprised more than one. What's more, it's an excellent software to show off the possibilities of your Newton to the few unbelievers seated at your table...And it's free!