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  Apple Computers inc.

As you might have noticed on our main page, we are Apple™ Value Added Resellers.

Macapa Software is proud to be able to offer the complete family of Apple products. Since we are Apple™ specialised resellers. This means that we're able to propose the best solutions to meed your needs.

If you need a price or informations concerning computers that use Mac OS™, don't hesitate to write of call.


We absolutely love this program. We love it so much, we started writing "widgets" for it. If you want to know more, click here. If you'd like to download our widgets (programs for Konfabulator), here are the ones currently available.

Ball of Time: this program helps you keep track of time you spend on various projects.

WebLife: want to always know if a specific web site is up or down? This is the widget for you!

Desktop Changer: for people who like to change their desktop.